About SCYD

The Shelby County Young Democrats promote candidate recruitment and education programs, constituent engagement opportunities, and GOTV strategies for liberal voters in Shelby County, TN.
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How We Support Our Members

  • Quarterly Political Education/Strategy Meetings
  • Town Hall Meetings & Debates
  • Bimonthly Social Political Events
  • Informative Website with Candidate Profiles, Political Jobs, etc.
  • Relationship-building with Progressive Organizations
  • Grassroots Organizing Opportunities
  • Voter Support During Elections
  • Special 3rd Party Perks/Education Opportunities to Our Members

Message From The President

Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the Shelby County Young Democrats or how you can get involved! The Young Dems is committed to reflecting the passions, capabilities, and innovation of Shelby County’s largest demographic – the liberal millennial.

As an information-driven, practical and compassionate generation, our members should always ask questions, require thoughtful innovation from our leaders, and demand legislation that considers our own needs as well as the needs of our greater community. Let’s advocate for leaders who believe in equality in education, a living wage, investments for our inner city, women’s health and economic equality, and rights and civility for every person in America. Finally, let’s hold ourselves and our family, friends and peers accountable at the polls. When we vote, we win. Let’s show up and show out at the polls. Our legacy depends on it.

2017-2019 Executive Board

Our leadership reflects the diversity in background, passions, and political interest found in the Shelby County Young Democrats. There is a place for everyone here.


Danielle Inez

2017-2019 President


JB Smiley, Jr

1st Vice President


Jim Kyle, III

2nd Vice President


Alexander Boulton



Stephanie Reyes