Where We Stand

The Shelby County Young Democrats have nine task forces that actively fight to advance the issues we stand for. Read on to learn the types of reparative legislation and progressive officials we aim to support. Plus, click below to submit an application to become a part of the leadership team tasked with crafting our new vision.

Each of the following task forces are responsible for identifying and advancing legislative agendas, recruiting new candidates, supporting existing elected officials, identifying and collaborating with community partners, and mobilizing Democratic constituents around the efforts that best reflect the task force’s mission.


Economic Development Task Force: A think tank and Young Dem vehicle for improving local and state-level standards for diversity in contracting, small business consulting, and incentivized corporate recruiting that reflects the interests of both business and community stakeholders.


Public Education Task Force: A think tank and Young Dem vehicle for ensuring that preschool education, primary, secondary, and state-funded post-secondary education legislative efforts and representatives put the academic, emotional, and economic needs of children first.


Criminal Justice Task Force: A think tank and Young Dem vehicle for empowering community stakeholders with actionable knowledge to advance existing legislative agendas at the state level and increase accountability by elected officials at the local level.


Healthcare Task Force: A dedicated rapid-response team tasked with proactively auditing national and state-level legislative agendas for opportunities to stall, halt, or otherwise draw attention to regressive political choices that leave the health of our constituents at stake. Ultimately, this body will name and help replace every locally elected official who negatively impacts Shelby County’s health.


Fair Labor Task Force: At the local level, this think tank and Young Dem vehicle will develop and support Democratic and nonpartisan agendas that positively recruit, train, or equip our workforce. At the state-level, they will fight for amendments to the minimum wage regulations that oppress local leaders and reduce the chance for a fair, livable wage. They will also advocate for better regulations to protect the health and job security of laborers. Finally, they will continue to advocate for fairness in hiring and fair wages regardless of sex or race at the national level.


Fair Housing Task Force: This think tank and Young Dem vehicle will assess local, state, and national opportunities to improve legislation and recruit more sensitive elected leaders to serve the interests of homeless adults and youth, economically disadvantaged renters and homeowners, abandoned renters, and those seeking home mortgage support or education. This group will also work on community development-related agendas when time and opportunity allow.


The Human Rights Coalition serves as an extension of the various organizations throughout the Mid-south that we trust to do the work to advance the interests of black lives, our LGBTQ+ community, our neighbors of different religions and cultural experiences, and beyond. Our coalition is committed to standing alongside the social justice groups doing invaluable research, lobbying, and organizing in such a complex space. This coalition was developed to make sure that we always have members ready to stand with your armies when it is time to fight.


The Millennial Appointments & Hiring Task Force will work collaboratively with existing elected leaders to ensure that young adults from various backgrounds are represented in committees and in advisory roles where decisions are made. Additionally, this team will seek a pledged commitment from every aspiring elected official to ensure a commitment to intergenerational diversity where our county’s future is being decided.


“Student First” Education Reform

We stand with our children and educators. Public servants should, too!

Economic Justice

We stand for fair wages and diversity in employment and contracting.

LGBTQ Rights & Protections

We’re not just lobbying for tolerance. We seek fairness and respect.

Criminal Justice Reform

End discriminatory practices in profiling, charging, and sentencing.

Religious Freedom, Diversity, & Inclusion

Xenophobic fear mongers must be removed from public service.

Reproductive Justice

Men AND women should have autonomy over their own bodies.

Quality Healthcare

We want comprehensive, affordable, and simple healthcare solutions for all.

Solutions To Homelessness

No one should be forced to sleep on the street in America. Period.

Millennial Leadership Development

It’s time for a new class of politicians behind the scenes and on the ticket.

Social Justice

We won’t beat around the bush: #BlackLivesMatter